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Improving a Local Authority Children’s Services residential care market.


The Problem

Due to a combination of inadequate provision and market competition, our client was facing difficulties with delivering fostering and residential care services. There were also high levels of risk across the market, with low levels of control and influence.

Due to our on the ground experience and focus on achieving better outcomes, our client approached us to provide a real-time deliverable plan of action that would improve their service and enable them to better compete with the independent sector.

The Work

We reviewed the data and re-profiled to better define our client’s needs over time, both in the long and the short term. We also carried out a risk assessment across the existing provider market, assessing the local market profile with a view to levelling up. We then engaged with national and local markets to encourage interest.

We developed support packages to assist providers and reviewed in-house property assets for use against sufficiency needs. We engaged with the investor market so we could assess the appetite for joint venture working.

The Outcome

Thanks to our intervention, our client’s understanding and control of its local market has substantially improved, resulting in an increase in in-borough provider activity. They also benefitted from the following improvements to their organisation:

  • Improved market profiling and forecast sufficiency data.
  • Improved relationships with provider organisations.
  • Increased visibility of risk across the markets with longer term reduction.
  • Improved influence and control over markets (proportional change).
  • Improved profile of their commissioning team.
  • Enhanced commissioning function.
  • Community wealth building and economic regeneration benefits from employment and skills development.

Securing and embedding cultural change for a health and social care provider organisation.


The Problem

The client needed urgent support as they were dealing with high levels of regulatory non-compliance.

We delivered practical and sustainable improvements to employee engagement and motivation, alongside improvements to human resource systems.

The Work

We began by identifying and resolving any immediate areas of high-risk non-compliance. We then conducted a whole organisation cultural diagnostic, setting out clear standards and expectations from every member of staff. This involved working with managers to develop their leadership abilities and existing members of staff who posed a high risk to the future success of the organisation.

We made practical and lasting solutions for our client by putting several different measures in place to improve employee engagement and motivation. We also resolved any systemic human resources issues.

The Outcome

As a result of our work, the opening position of over 60 non-compliance notices was reduced to zero, rendering the organisation 100% compliant in just 12 months. We also delivered the following improvements:

  • Number of employee relations issues decreased significantly.
  • Retention of staff improved, together with their ability to recruit new staff.
  • Strong leadership and a motivated workforce led to improved confidence from regulators and commissioners.

Workplace mediation for a national cyber security organisation.


The Problem

Our client was experiencing a breakdown in the relationship between two very senior leaders. This was leading to conflict between their teams and frustration at executive level. There were also performance issues within their divisions and unnecessary disputes over resources.

Due to our demonstrated expertise in workplace mediation, our client approached us to skillfully work with people in the organisation to challenge their perceptions and behaviours, diffusing any strong emotions and managing conflict.

The Work

We conducted a full day workplace mediation session for our client, adopting a neutral and non-judgmental position. Our focus was on creating a safe psychological space that allowed both parties to fully express themselves to each other.

We guided the conversation to enable them to discuss the problems in their working relationship. We coached both parties to develop the principles that will guide their future relationship, helping to create true and lasting change.

The Outcome

Thanks to our intervention, both parties in the organisation gained a much deeper understanding of each other, their challenges, pressures, and drivers.

  • Previous misunderstandings and areas of conflict were aired in a safe space and effectively diffused.
  • Both parties developed a solid foundation for their future working relationship.
  • Practical, workable tools were taken on board to continue improving their relationship, as well as that of their teams.

Developing and delivering a joint market strategy for NHS and Local Authority Commissioning clients – younger adult residential services.


The Problem

Our client had no clear strategy with respect to market management due to a lack of adequate data and market profile. They were also struggling with poor relationships with the provider market and had limited cost control which was leading to spiraling costs.

Due to our breadth of experience within the care sector, our client approached us to work closely with them to provide strategic recommendations and specific suggestions for immediate improvements to their organisation.

The Work

We began by reviewing and cleansing the data to provide a clear view of the current market provision, areas of engagement and costs. Using this analysis, we produced a brief roadmap which enabled us to be prompt with our engagement and outcome delivery.

We carried out a risk assessment across the existing provider market and assessed the external market profile. We also engaged directly with the provider market on a one-on-one basis, negotiating cost savings without causing a reduction in quality. Where necessary, we fed back to commissioners when they needed to improve financial support packages.

We also engaged with the broader market to increase competition through ‘Meet the Commissioner’ days.

The Outcome

By working closely with our client, delivered real efficiencies by reducing the cost of placements – which in some cases were backdated. We were able to help them improve relationships, without any disruption to care provision. We were also able to:

  • Improve the commissioners’ understanding of market management and intervention.
  • Improve market profiling and data retention.
  • Improve influence and control over markets.
  • Provide visibility of risk across the markets with longer term reduction as market influence and control increased.
  • Improve profile of commissioning teams.
  • Enhance the commissioning function, moving from transactional to transformational.

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