Courts were already creaking under the strain of cases before Covid-19 hit us last year. Now they are drowning. In the ET alone there are some 500,000 cases waiting to get in from of judges and that’s before we consider the insolvencies and furlough issues that await us in the near future. In truth, bring any case now and it is likely to be 2 years before you get to court.

Litigation of any sort is long and adversarial. There are some big hurdles to get through; justifying your position, ensuring sufficient supportive evidence and hoping the judge prefers your evidence to the other parties. The impact on individuals bringing cases, no matter how committed they are, can be huge.

Mediation offers a way to resolve at least some of these issues using a far less adversarial process. The flexibility and confidentiality of the process driven by the parties with an independent mediator guiding the process provides a much quicker, cheaper and potentially more palatable outcome.

We should seriously think about mediation as a way of solving our disputes.