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Graham Hallows

Graham is an experienced CEO with a track record in delivering business saving turnaround under “perfect storm” conditions. He is a self-effacing and inclusive leader who ensures that everyone is engaged and has a voice.

With extensive experience in the Health and Social Care Sector (Private and Public Sectors) and a background in property and development, he is both strategic and pragmatic, seeking to align the needs of all stakeholders wherever possible. He has a particular interest in assisting Public Sector Commissioners to meet their sufficiency requirements through improved and innovative local market management.

Graham is an incisive and reflective thinker with the ability to read the external environment, translating it into clear and coherent business strategy. As a Board and Executive Coach, he brings an innovative and fresh approach to problem solving, importing views and ideas from outside the Sector.

Graham is a CMC Accredited Civil, Commercial, and Workplace Mediator and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Our Approach

We’re proud to offer something different to our clients.

When you work with us, you work with the people you meet at proposal stage. We are genuinely invested in the organisations we work with and thoroughly committed to the success of any given project.

Choosing to work very much alongside our clients rather than at arms-length, we provide an environment where our clients are supported to achieve the best outcomes.

Our Purpose

Here at Coral Reef we’re committed to making a positive difference – not only to our clients’ successes but also to society at large.

We also recognise that by supporting our clients and transforming organisations for the better, we are making a positive impact to local economies and the wider community.

Our purpose is also reflected in the clients we choose to work with across health and social care and the public sector, whose shared goal is to make the world a better place. As a team, we share our clients’ values and work alongside them as they seek to make a real difference.

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